PLBs- Personal Locator Beacon

The PLB (or Personal Locator Beacons) are spreading for their versatility of use, practicality, the ability to be taken to sea, in flight, in the mountains.

theaerodyne  SAFETY  as always, has chosen to select and offer you only the best products. By purchasing the registration and programming services, you can also receive a product ready to be used in many contexts.

ACR electronics is the undisputed leader in the production of PLB (personal locator beacons).

ResQlink is the flagship model: small, light, very robust and suitable for any use.

ResQlink + is the only model of Personal Beacon Locator in the world that can autonomously float both in fresh and salt water: this makes it particularly suitable for the entire nautical sector.

Both proposed PLBs integrate a 66 channel GPS receiver for fast and accurate localization.

PLBs are emergency localization systems that rely on the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system. In this they are similar to the EPIRB, but they are distinguished by their small size (they can fit comfortably in a pocket!) And slightly different functions (for example, they are not automatically activated).

The registration procedures are simpler and are linked to their user, not to the means of transport. The owner can take it with him in different contexts, increasing the level of safety of his activities that can range from hiking, to all outdoor sports up to boating. For all these reasons, the use of PLBs is spreading rapidly.

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