EPIRB Cat. 2


theaerodyne  SAFETY  offers only EPIRBs of proven quality, able to guarantee maximum safety for boats. 

All EPIRBs that can be purchased on this site are supplied scheduled for any country in the world and transmit on the international emergency frequency 406 MHz. The EPIRB (acronym for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) are emergency devices that accurately report the position of ships or other boats in distress, thus alerting the rescue. They are precise, reliable, on the market for many years and continuously improving on a technical level. Regardless of all those units that are required by law to adopt EPIRB, it is suggested - for safety reasons - the installation of this precious locator also on board all other units exempt from the obligation, such as all boats sports and pleasure.

To date, EPIRBs are differentiated into two types:

EPIRB of Cat. 1, with automatic release

EPIRB of Cat. 2, manual release.

Thanks to the registration made at the time of purchase, the EPIRB signal is immediately traceable to the specific boat and its owner and thus allows to increase efficiency and speed of rescue.

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