We reprogram all ACR Electronics and GME BEACONS for any national and international coding. 
 It is possible to reprogram any PLB or EPIRB, including all old and out-of-production models. 

We have the necessary equipment and technical qualifications to perform a certified and recognized intervention. For each programmed BEACON we will provide the appropriate registration form necessary to submit the registration file to the international COSPAS/SARSAT register.

In order to carry out the programming service, the following details must be provided to us: 

PLB:  Countryfirst name and last name of the device user. 

EPIRB: A copy of the MMSI code assignment certificate (Italian or foreign) is required to allow us to perform the correct programming according to the country protocols.


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CONTACT: info@theaerodyne.com  

PHONE: 0039 055 8497548


To better understand how our service works, here are a list of FAQs:

How can I send you my EPIRB/PLB?

We will take care of it, our service is complete and includes the collection and home delivery of the beacon throughout the country (Italy only). On request we can also provide estimates without obligation for the service of collection and return even abroad, where possible. Clients are only responsible for properly packaging their EPIRB or PLB and inform us when and where we can collect it. We will take care of the rest.

What do you need to reprogram a PLB?

Very few elements: only the nationality and first name/last name of the user. Nothing else.

What are the necessary documents to be sent in order to reprogram an EPIRB?

In the case of EPIRB, the programming must comply with the coding protocols required by the country of registration of the EPIRB itself. The programming of an EPIRB must be carried out in full compliance with these protocols, as an incorrectly programmed beacon may be rejected by the registration authority.

With the exception of a few cases (England, for example), the programming of an EPIRB requires the MMSI - Maritime Mobile Service Identity- code. For Italy, the MMSI code can be requested directly at the MISE - Ministry of Economic Development.

For the programming of an EPIRB it is, therefore, necessary to send us a copy of the MMSI code assignment certificate for your boat.

Once programmed, how does the registration of my PLB/EPIRB happen?

The final registration of your newly programmed beacon is a due diligence process that is strictly necessary. The process is completely free of charge and is carried out by forwarding a simple registration card directly to the competent COSPAS/SARSAT office of reference. 

In some countries, such as the United Kingdom or France, programming is done entirely on-line with a very fast procedure. Programming is an operation that must necessarily be carried out by the clients themselves, as it requires the inclusion of personal data that we cannot manage for reasons of privacy protection.

How can I know if my beacon was correctly programmed?

Usually the company or the reseller that supplies the EPIRB or the PLB has the duty to deliver it to the client already correctly programmed and labeled. The specific programming label is applied directly on the body of the beacon and indicates the type of encoding in memory such as the nationality and especially the HEX ID code with 15 alphanumeric characters. 

The presence of the programming label would be in itself a valid element to understand how the beacon was programmed, however, there are many beacons we received in our laboratory without a programming label or with notes that disagree with the actual data stored in memory. 

To have absolute certainty about the data inserted in the beacon and to know exactly how it was programmed, it is necessary to read the memory. This is possible only with special instrumentation of which we are equipped. 

Therefore, in this case, it is necessary that the EPIRB or the PLB is sent to our company for the necessary checks.

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