Rescue lights

The Emergency Strobe Lamps are absolutely essential indicators in all emergency situations where it is necessary to be quickly identified in the darkness.

They are mainly used in the nautical and aeronautical fields, but they can also prove invaluable in completely different contexts: hiking, hunting and fishing, or any other outdoor activity.

Emergency splay lamps work with common lithium batteries. Their particular brightness makes them visible several miles away: in case a rescue intervention is necessary, they therefore represent a clear and immediate signal for rescuers.

theaerodyne  SAFETY  has chosen to propose ACR FIREFLY lamps, the result of ACR Electronics' constant commitment to cutting-edge technology applied to safety issues.

The FIREFLY ACR lamps meet SOLAS requirements with visibility to more than 3 nautical miles (NM) and continuous operation for 56 hours. The lamps can be activated manually or automatically in contact with water (Firefly probe waterbug).

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