The battery change service is carried out on all PLB and SART manufactured by ACR Electronics. The battery replacement is necessary at the end of the service life or after a beacon activation, even for a short time.

Our company is an authorized ACR Electronics Battery Replacement Center (BRC) to carry out the operation with general check of the device and the final installation of strictly original components.

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At the end of the operation, the beacon is returned to the client with a work report that certifies and guarantees the operation carried out. We can perform the service on any PLB and SART manufactured by ACR Electronics, even if no longer in production.

For particularly obsolete devices, whose manufacturing that occurred before 2005, it is recommended to contact us to evaluate the real convenience of carrying out the service of the equipment, or opting for the purchase of a new beacon of the latest generation. 


Are you interested in the service or would you like to receive a quote?
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Here are some FAQs on the practical aspects.

How can I send you the PLB to carry out the service?

We take care of everything with home collection by our carrier and subsequent return to the sender, at the end of processing, in the national territory (Italy). The client has only the task of preparing the packaging.

Do you issue a certificate certifying the service carried out?

National and international regulations do not currently require the issue of any certificate certifying the occurred service on PLB or a SART, however, our company, The Aerodyne snc, still issues a signed service report which lists the operations and checks carried out.

How long does the service take?

For the most common beacons the work time is three business days as spare parts are always available in stock. In the case of service on PLB or SART out of production or in any case obsolete, the components necessary to carry out the service must arrive on request from the USA. In this case the wait time is about fifteen business days.

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