POLICY for quality

In relation to customers and their requirements, the way that Zest s.r.l. wanted to identify is characterized by the following key factors, which are considered essential to achieve the set objectives:

act quickly to constantly assist customers by offering a quick service not only on a purely operational - maintenance level but also of technical support and consultancy only. This translates into an increase in the image and authority of the company towards the customer.

establish a close relationship with customers in order to create a relationship also of an informative and informative nature on elements and concepts that are fundamentally directly attributable to the culture of safety. This increases customer loyalty as the company is identified as a point of reference.

In fact, it is believed that the speed and accuracy of the service provided as well as the exhaustive communication contact with customers fully satisfy the explicit and implicit requirements identified in par. 4.1.2 of the MQ socket.

Remaining on the level of achieving customer satisfaction, it is considered appropriate to establish other salient points of the quality policy, namely:

pursue continuous improvement especially with regard to the possible identification of additional implicit customer requirements that the company must recognize, evaluate and codify in order to expand its quality objectives to the benefit of customer loyalty.

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