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The battery change on all EPIRBs involves a series of operations that are summarized in a general service of the entire beacon with in depth checks on the overall operation of the device. This operation is called Shore Based Maintenance (SBM) according to IMO MSC / Circ. 1039 and may only be carried out by companies specifically authorized and certified to carry out this service. 

According to the aforementioned IMO MSC/Circ. 1039, Shore Based Maintenance must be carried out when the batteries reached their service life and in any case at intervals not exceeding five years.  For all programmed Italian EPIRBs installed on board the Italian units (including pleasure boats) the interval is reduced to four years.

All owners or shipowners that have an EPIRB on-board, even if not subjected to the obligation of this equipment, are required to carry out the SBM service in accordance with the established deadlines. 

Our company, The Aerodyne, is a Shore Based Maintenance Provider approved by ACR Electronics, Ocean Signal and GME, recognized and certified by MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) to perform Shore Based Maintenance tests with the issue of a specific SBM certificate.

The checks required by the SBM test are essentially subdivided into the following stages:

      - General internal and in-house control.
      - Battery replacement
      - Check of proper programming and decoding of the corresponding HEX ID code
      - 121.5 Mhz frequency measurement (in Faraday Cage)
      - 406.00 Mhz frequency measurement (in Faraday Cage)
      - Reassembly of the EPIRB and hermetic seal test
      - Check of automatic activation switch in contact with water (if present)

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For more details on the service we offer, please see below a list of FAQs

How can I send you the EPIRB to be serviced?

We will take care of it, the service includes the collection by our courier across Italy. The same carrier returns the serviced EPIRB to the client at the end of the process.

I bought a used boat equipped with an old expired EPIRB
 I would like to restore it, is it possible to put it back into operation?

Yes, in the case of recently produced EPIRB and in good condition, the battery change and the general service is always cheaper than buying a new beacon. An old EPIRB that is expired can be put back into operation by submitting it to a complete SBM service.  Obviously, in the case of potentially obsolete EPIRB, it is necessary to make a case-by-case assessment as the restoration operation can only be convenient on beacons that are in good condition and are not using technology that is too old. If the EPIRB is poorly maintained or technologically too obsolete, it is recommended to replace it with a device of the latest generation.

I was informed that for the general service of the EPIRB it is necessary that a qualified technician carries out the inspection on board to verify the proper installation. Since the technician performing the inspection directly on the ship is expensive, service is never convenient and it is preferable to buy a new equipment.

No, this is incorrect information. With regard to the general service of an EPIRB as specified by the IMO MSC/Circ. 1039, there is absolutely no need for an on-board inspection by a technician. This verification is not mentioned at all in the list of checks required by MSC/Circ.1039. The on-board check is only required in the case of an "Annual Test" inspection as required by MSC/Circ. 1040.

Can I just change the battery without having to perform all the checks required by the SBM procedure?

No, it is not possible. Just changing the battery on an EPIRB is an illegal procedure. The whole procedure required by IMO MSC/Circ 1039 must be performed point by point with the final issue of the SBM certificate.

Is the issued Certificate valid worldwide?

The Shore Based Maintenance certificate complies with IMO MSC/Circ.1039 and is written in English. It contains the identification data of the serviced EPIRB and is internationally recognized as a document certifying that the beacon was serviced.

I lost the original SBM Certificate. Can I get a copy?

Each SBM certificate has a unique identifier and is issued in duplicate, one copy is sent to the client, the other remains in our archives. If the client loses the document, it cannot be returned in its original form. A certified copy of the original is provided by duplicating the certificate stored in the archive.

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