f.u.n.k.e. VHF-radio 8.33kHz/25kHz
  • f.u.n.k.e. VHF-radio 8.33kHz/25kHz

VHF-radio f.u.n.k.e. ATR 833 OLED


f.u.n.k.e. radio with new channel spacing 25kHz - 8,33 kHz. OLED display.

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The ATR833-II-OLED is a complete solution for radios in small aircraft with the new channel separation of 8.33 kHz.
The channel spacing can be switched between 25kHz and 8,33kHz.
The built-in vox controlled intercom operates up to 4 microphones (2 standard, 2 dynamic). In many cases no extra intercom is required. This saves cost and weight. All headsets are separately adjustable. Using similar headsets a 4-place intercom can be built-up.
In addition to the standard functions there are 2 memories available.
The user can define up to 100 named frequencies to build up an own database.
In addition the last 10 frequencies used can be recalled.

Technical Data:

- Frequency range: 118.000MHz - 136.975MHz
- Channel spacing: 8,33KHz u. 25kHz
- HF-output: ca. 6W
- NF-output: ca. 4W
- Dimensions: Std. ø 57mm, 248mm long (without plug)
- Weight: approx. 700 gram
- Power consumption approx. 200mA in standby, 2,5A when sending
- Voltage supply: 11V - 20V (on-board power supply)

EASA Form 1 included.

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