Transponder F.U.N.K.E. TRT800H-LCD mode S


Mode S transponder FUNKE TRT800H-LCD Class 1


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The TRT800H-LCD is a standard transponder in 2¼” standard housing for all applications in general aviation from ultralight aircraft to gliders and piston engine aircraft.

It offers the classical A/C modes of operation plus full Mode S support including the future-oriented extended squitter function.

Advantages of this unit are an attractive price, small dimensions and a built-in altitude encoder without heating requirements.

These features help to reduce installation effort, cost and weight. The unit provides the required 25 ft altitude resolution.

The TRT800H-LCD may be used up to 35,000 ft actual operating altitude (not to be confused with maximum operating altitude) and a maximum true airspeed of 250 kn (463 km/h).

Using the Remote Control Unit TRT800RT the TRT800H-LCD can be fully remotely controlled. Especially glider pilots will appreciate the energy saving mode.

Made in Germany by FUNKE.

Available on order in 7 business days

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