AL-KO AK 161 Ball Coupling for Braked Trailers up to 1,600 kg


AL-KO AK 161 Ball Coupling for Braked Trailers up to 1,600 kg over 25 km/h.

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AL-KO AK 161 Ball Coupling for Braked Trailers up to 1,600 kg over 25 km/h

Safety indicator: If the green cylinder is visible when coupled up, the coupling is properly placed on the towing hitch of the towing vehicle.

Wear indicator: An additional indicator on the clutch handle indicates whether the wear limit of the towing vehicle or trailer coupling has been reached or not.

Flat handle: The handle complies with the latest regulations and is very flat, so that even on towing vehicles with a low loading sill, the tailgate can still be opened without any problems.

Mounting: The installation is very simple as with all AL-KO couplings. With two screws, the old coupling is removed and the new coupling is screwed on (SCREWS INCLUDED).


- Prevention of sham locking;

- Only when the towing ball coupling of the trailer rests correctly on the towing hitch of the car is the internal green safety lever actuated so that the coupling can be safely locked;

- Improvement of ergonomics;                                                                                               

- The handle consists of a solid metal core with an ergonomically shaped 2K plastic cover (soft touch). During operation, the hand is firmly attached to the handle, the shaped end of the handle serves as a slip guard;

- Wear reduction;  

- Provides information on the condition of the coupling of your trailer and the towing hitch of your car;

- Soft dock as standard;

- Provides protection against scratching and shin protection;

- Optional accessories Pressure lock;                                                                                       

- Effective protection against quick access when coupled and uncoupled.


Permitted Total weight: 1,600 kg.

Bearing load: 120 kg.

Holes horizontal + cross

Material: steel.

EC certification mark E1 55R-01 2669.

Tightening torque 86 Nm.

Weight: 1.7 kg.

Code AL-KO 1.225.155

Made in Germany.

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