AL-KO jockey wheel 350 Plus
  • AL-KO jockey wheel 350 Plus

AL-KO jockey wheel 300 Plus


The support wheel ALKO PLUS 300 is a product of high quality and high strength. It is specially designed to be mounted on forklift rudders or any other trailer with significant loads in support. ALKO PLUS 300 has a static support load of 300 kg.

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The ALKO PLUS support wheel is specially designed for particularly heavy duty applications. It is a high quality product designed to withstand significant loads and to withstand corrosion for a long time even when exposed outdoors constantly.

The ALKO PLUS 300 wheel has a static load (trolley uncoupled in parking) of maximum 300 kg and a dynamic load (trolley in handling) of maximum 180 kg.

The full rim, in galvanized steel gives great strength to the wheel which is also equipped with a solid rubber without the use of any air chambers. The use of solid rubber avoids the problem of punctures and then find the deflated rubber just when you need to move the cart.

The wheel is fully hot galvanized for high corrosion resistance.



Wheel tube: 48 mm.

Max static load: 300 kg

Max dynamic load: 180 kg

Hot dip galvanized surface

Crank handle with push bearing

Rims in galvanized steel

Wheel 200x50 mm. solid rubber

Tube diameter: 48 mm.

Weight: 7,00 kg

Code AL-KO 1.222.437

Made in Germany.

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