Dynafoam 1" FIRM
  • Dynafoam 1" FIRM
  • Dynafoam 1" FIRM
  • Dynafoam 1" FIRM
  • Dynafoam 1" FIRM

Dynafoam 1" MEDIUM


Original Dynafoam sheet size 40,5 x 46 cm - thickness 2,55 cm (1") - density: MEDIUM

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Dynafoam cushions provide high impact energy absorption with soft pressure properties, so you get comfort without sacrificing support.

Dynafoam is ideal for the most demanding seating applications in aviation (sailplanes, motor planes and helicopters) but is't not limited only in these sectors.

It' used also in motorcycles, race cars, saddles etc. 

Dynafoam is available in various types of hardness. The "MEDIUM" type is a kind of density with an intermediate level of hardness and is especially used for comfort as  it has a modest capacity to absorb energy and shocks. You can use this kind of Dynafoam for a second layer on harder cushions (like Extra Firm - XFIRM) or  for the backrest of the seat.

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