Silica gel desiccant bags for instruments
  • Silica gel desiccant bags for instruments

Silica gel desiccant bags


Silica gel desiccant sachets to dehumidify aeronautical instruments and other moisture-sensitive components. The sachets are available in the format 10 grams, 20 grams and 60 grams.

The indicated price refers to a single sachet.

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The desiccant sachets can protect instruments and components from moisture. Especially for those who are forced to keep their glider in the cart, during the bad season, it is advisable to remove from the panel the most delicate apparatus, or the various electronic / flight computer. More sophisticated instrument is, the greater its sensitivity to condensation and high percentages of moisture.

It is advisable to protect instruments and components sensitive to humidity in plastic boxes that will then be conveniently closed for winter storage.

The silica gel desiccant sachets are absolutely harmless, for people and for things. They do not irritate, do not corrode and do not percolate liquids even when they are completely saturated with moisture. The sachets sold by us are produced in Italy and meet all the regulations in force in Europe. The sachets are regenerable for multiple uses.

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