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Basic care kit for gliders and planes
  • Basic care kit for gliders and planes
  • Basic care kit for gliders and planes
  • Basic care kit for gliders and planes

Basic wax kit for gliders and planes


A selection of special products for care. You can use it on any type of aircraft: gliders, motor planes or helicopters.


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This kit includes the following products:

  • POLY-WAX protective wax in 1 liter can. POLY WAX is a liquid wax with nano-technology easy to apply with a soft cloth or special RotWeiss Handpolierschwamm sponge. Then it be polished with a microfiber cloth.This product, once applied, creates a film durable over time that is water-repellent and guarantees an excellent UV protection.
  • 1 Rotweiss microfiber cloth "Lasercut Red".  This microfiber cloth is completely free of edges that have been cut off with the laser. The absence of sewn edges as well as any type of label eliminates the possibility of creating scratches on the surface. Use this cloth to buff the wax or polishing agents.
  • 1 Rotweiss Handpolierschwamm is a special sponge to spread the wax on any surface. Dimensions: 120x90x40 mm

Poly Wax. Aviation & Marine paint cleaner e sealant. 

Cleaning - Regeneration - Sealing. 

For all coating types, including gelcoats and PU finishes.

Cleaning: removes minor scratches, paint oxidation and stubborn dirt.

Regeneration: renews and maintain the natural elasticity of the paint and regenerate the old one, improving shine and durability.

Sealing protection: prevents aging and oxidation caused by humidity and UV exposure.

Protection guarantee: harmless for all coatings (paints or gelcoats), plastic, chrome, nickel, aluminum, enamel (exept heavily oxidized metallic vernishes - please test on an inconspicuous area first!) 

Application: carefully wash the coating and wipe well. Apply Poly Wax Aviation & Marine with a high quality sponge for wax application or microfiber cloth to the whole surface.  Let it dry out. Avoid strong sunlight. Then buff off the surface removing any residue with another microfiber cloth or a polishing pad. 

The best results are obtained with polishing machine.

You can wash the treated surfaces normally after 48 hours. Alternatively you can use Poly Wax for washing to extend the protection. The product is water soluble

Do not use to treat porous surfaces or aircraft de-icing equipment. Keep off from instruments ports.