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Basic care set for gliders and planes

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A selection of special products for cleaning and care. You can use it on any type of aircraft: gliders, motor planes or helicopters.


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This set includes the following products:

- 1 Prist 368 gr spray can. Prist Acrylic, Plastic and Glass Cleaner was designed specifically for aviation. Prist Acrylic, Plastic and Glass Cleaner works safely and easily on all acrylic, stretched acrylic, polycarbonate, glass and coated glass aircraft windscreens. This is the best product to clean your canopy and remove any dirt or greasiness.

- Rotweiss Sprühwachs - spray wax. For paints, plastics and glass (suitable for matt coatings) There is a shiny, long -lasting protective film with excellent water repellency. The crystalline composition leaves no white residue on plastics or any other surface. How to use: Three steps: spray - distribute - dry - finish. Spray the wax onto a clean surface and spread evenly with a soft cloth and polish off with a microfiber cloth. Do not allow to dry. The crystalline composition leaves no white residue on any dark surfaces.

- 1 Bug Remover Aero 3D Aero in plastic selleve. Muggenwech  is a special 3D cloth for easy cleaning away any bugs from the leading edge of the wings, tailplane and propeller blades. Developed for easy scratch free removal of bugs of your wing after flight. To be used in combination with water. Due to the open structure of the of the material sand will not stick to it and therefore will not scratch the surface of your wing. 100% polyamide. Do not use on canopies, plastics or windshields. Size: 200x200mmx10mm.

- 1 bottle of Yachticon Premium Hard Wax with Teflon 1000 ml. High quality premium hard wax with Teflon® surface protector. Extremly easy to work with. Just spray-on, let it dray and repolish. Outstanding protection for all kinds of fiberglass, gelcoat and painted surfaces. Long lasting high-gloss protection against fading and oxidation. Super slick surface due to Teflon®. With UV-protection. Last obviously much longer than conventional waxes. Does not contain abrasives and polishing grains. Can be used for underwater areas as well

- 1 Rotweiss microfiber cloth "Supersoft Black". Hi-quality and extremely soft microfiber cloth, the "Rotweiss Supersoft Black is composed by a high number of fibers per square centimeter. It's recommended to be used primarily for canopies and windshileds cleaning.

- 1 Rotweiss microfiber cloth "Lasercut Red".  This microfiber cloth is completely free of edges that have been cut off with the laser. The absence of sewn edges as well as any type of label eliminates the possibility of creating scratches on the surface. Use this cloth to buff the wax or polishing agents.

- 1 Rotweiss Handpolierschwamm is a special sponge to spread the wax on any surface. Dimensions: 120x90x40 mm

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